10 Types of Friends and The Types of Gifts for Them

We make a lot of different friends in our lifetime, and we cannot help but notice the various types of friend that we get. Also, we see that the choices and preferences vary from person to person. On occasions, we often present gifts to show our love and affection towards them. Therefore, we need to know what kind of gifts we can introduce to our different types of friends.

1. The ‘Best’ Man/Woman: We have a special friend in our friend list we give our best friend tag too. He or she is the person we converse the most with, who knows all our secrets, and for whom we wish to remain till the end of the line.

The gift that can be given to your best friend must have the touch of something personal to it. Let’s say, a personalized photo calendar.

2. The ‘Nuevo Amigo’: We also have experienced when we move to a particular new place and make friends over time. These friends aren’t exactly our very close buddies, but we interact with them daily.

Since we do not know much about these friends, it will be safe to give them gifts that have something to do with the place of connection that you two share.

3. The ‘Dormant’ Friend: Some friends used to be close to us, but now conversation happens rarely. We all have someone like those, don’t we?

An excellent gift for them will be something that reminds how special they were to you and revives the old friendship.

4. The Short-Notice Stag: Few friends aren’t our best friends, but we turn to them whenever we get cornered, and they help us without any second thoughts, and we enjoy their company.

Such helpful friends should be gifted with something that will help them too. Maybe it’s something they need, which when gifted, they will feel glad as well.

5. The Honest Honey: We all have a few particular friends who are not afraid to speak out their mouths. They will tell anything that they don’t like about you, and yet will treat you as a good friend.

For all such honest people, a kind gift can be a personalized gift with a message. You can thank them for their honesty and can state your honest opinion of them too!

6. The Wild Macho Man: There is this wild friend present in a group who loves adventures, and we follow them only to get in trouble!

Such rare friends need to be gifted with something a little daring and adventurous too. They will feel good that you are trying to accept their little festive spirit.

7. Hunky-dory Bloke: We also have that one cool guy in the group, who introduces us to various new cool stuff.

We can gift them with something that is equally cool and is likely to go with their personality.

8. The Diligent Soul: There is this tiring friend that we always have, and he or she never gets enough time to pull out of crazy fancies.

Gifts that will make these busy persons relax a little bit, or at least make them sit down and think for a while, are the ones to gift for.

9. Creepy Crony: Some friends always do stuff that scares us, but we enjoy those as well. We might not like it, but we still let our curiosity get better of ourselves.

Gifts that can be funny as well as scary are the type for these friends.

10. The Wise Brain: Then there is the most ‘enlightened’ guy we have in our friend list whose advices are very much sense, and they help you to take correct decisions in life.

These friends should be gifted with substances that have some meaning. It will genuinely make them happy.

Thus, for our different types of friends, we have different kinds of gifts.

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