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Father's Day





Importance of Tortoise and its Direction in Vastu Shastra

Importance of Tortoise and its Direction in Vastu Shastra In Feng Shui, the tortoise is one of the very famous celestial animals or guardians which correspond to the four compass directions. Different coloured tortoises represent different kind of meanings and significance. While the black tortoise...

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Why I Love My Father: A Father’s Day Tribute

‘Why I Love My Father’: A Father’s Day Tribute This post is a tribute to all the Fathers out there. It is a great honour to have such wonderful fathers in our lives who have mentored and coached us throughout our lives.  Fathers are an...

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What You Should be Gifting to a Gemini Woman

Gift Ideas for a Gemini Woman Gemini woman is the representation of the duality of life which makes them excellent mediators when the controversial situations come up. They have a light, flirtatious and humorous traits which make them stand out in the crowd and this...

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5 Great Ways To Present A Special Gift

5 Great Ways To Present A Special Gift The process of giving gifts in a romantic relationship can be quite stressful. Does it get stressful wandering stores searching for something you would like? Do you find yourself in a fix between buying something from outside...

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Some Unique Gift Ideas for Newly Wed Couple

Unique Gifts for Newly Weds A wedding is the most special day in a couple’s life. They weave a lot of dreams around this day and would like everything to go exceptionally well. You can make this day even more special by presenting them gifts...

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